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Book One: Jet Set Romance Collection

A steamy romance about true love, addiction, recovery, and finding hope despite the darkness.

Thur Brixton is the lead singer of the Blue Light Days, a British indie rock band on the verge of greatness. He aches to write music as well as he plays it, but the words continue to escape him no matter how hard he tries. Desperate to prove himself as a true rock god–and terrified he never will–Thur finds the perfect escape in Laila, a young woman ready to live life to the fullest during her summer trip to London.

Craving an escape of her own following college graduation, a vacation in London with her best friend is just what Laila O'Conner needs. On the cusp of shedding her childhood dreams of opening a bakery and accepting what fate (and her parents) have set for her, she's ready to say yes to any and every opportunity summer can give.

Thur and his tempting, wild world are the perfect distraction–but loving someone temporarily is tricky. As is the glitz, glamour, and grunge of the music business.

Both Thur and Laila will need to hold on tight to their hopes, dreams, and each other as the world of sex, drugs, and rock'n'roll impact their whirlwind relationship, and the people who love them most.

Triggers you might like to be aware of before reading:

• addiction & recovery
• substance use and abuse (including cocaine, cannabis, alcohol, cigarettes)
• loss & grief
• character death from drunk driving & overdose
• sex on the page (two instances of unprotected sex, all consensual

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