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August 22, 2022

A steamy romance about true love, addiction, recovery, and finding hope despite the darkness.


Thur Brixton, the lead singer of Blue Light Days, an indie rock band on the verge of greatness, aches to write music as well as he plays it, but the words continue to escape him. Desperate to prove himself as a true rock god, and terrified he never will, Thur finds the perfect escape in Laila, a young woman ready to live life to the fullest during her summer trip to London.

Craving an escape of her own following college graduation, a vacation with her best friend is just what Laila O’Conner needs before shedding her childhood dreams of opening a bakery and accepting what fate (and her parents) have set for her.

Thur and his tempting, wild world are the perfect distraction–but loving someone temporarily is tricky. As is the glitz, glamour, and grunge of the music business.

Both Thur and Laila will need to hold on tight to their hopes, dreams, and each other as the world of sex, drugs, and rock’n’roll impact their whirlwind relationship, and the people who love them most.

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Tis the season to fall in love with your best friend's brother.


I only wanted two things for the upcoming holiday season. To survive my college exams and avoid any dreaded festive festivities. However, my gay best friend, Trent, has other ideas.

His biggest idea is I pose as his girlfriend for Thanksgiving with his family. My initial refusal falls on deaf ears, and unable to truly say no to a friend in need, I’m soon on the road to his hometown Oakville Greens. 

Upon meeting his welcoming parents and adorable twin niece and nephew, I fell head over heels for everyone. Well, almost. There is Duncan, the infuriating twin brother, who I’m certain is onto our fake relationship.

Through a series of unfortunate holiday shenanigans when we return for Christmas, I find myself tangled up in a situation that has me matchmaking, fake dating both twins, and helping Trent reconnect with his family.

Celebrate the season with a queer and fully BIPOC cast in this hilarious, festive AF romance full of diverse religious and cultural holiday fun, twins switching places, and peppermint flavoured mistletoe shenanigans.

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