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Cathrine Swift is an indie author with a passion for intentional living and creative wellness.


Through her group Wellness Awareness for Creative Beings, she speaks about personal care and life management beyond bubble baths and sticker filled planners. With goals to dig deep into life, Cathrine examines the many facets of unlocking true body, mind, soul, and lifestyle freedom.

So all artists can experience full creative passion!

She began writing at a young age, as so many authors do. Her first book was written in her parent's Kenworth while they travelled around North America. Naturally, it was about dragons and princesses. 


Around the age of eight, Cathrine won a short story contest and is still

milking that glory, as you can see.

She has dedicated her adult life to learning, practicing her craft and uncovering her true voice through heartbreak, hardship and human interaction. 

Now thirty, Cathrine knows exactly what she needs to say.

Through her co-written blog on motherhood and lifestyle, Wild Mothering, she attacks the hard truths of postpartum, gentle parenthood, homeschooling, and what it's like being a mother behind the perfectly curated Insta squares. 

And when it comes to her novels, Cathrine themes important topics throughout. Diversity, acceptance, kindness, love, racism, and fighting for YOUR truth- just to name a few. 


She recognizes how authors have changed her life, and hopes to utilize her growing talent to do the same. To change the world, for at least one person. 

Cathrine, who lives in Alberta, Canada with her husband and wild toddler, is obsessed with enemies to lovers fan fiction (Delena and Dramione, especially) and, fun fact: she was once one of the most popular authors on fan

She has dreams of building a tiny home community one day and travelling the world in a schoolie, homeschooling her daughter!

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