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A companion to the international selling Anthology ‘Sweet Bitter Love’.
Now it’s your turn to put ink to paper. With space for free flow journalling and guided prompts that will get you thinking about the most important people, pets and experiences in your life. This journal is sure to get you thinking about love.

The Romantic. The Platonic. And the Inbetween.

Features journal prompts and love letter prompts split into three acts (Sweet, Bitter, Love) such as:

  • Write about a memory that makes you kick your feet and squeal when you think about it.

  • Write about a memory that makes you blush.

  • Write about a memory that makes you cry (happy tears.)

  • Write a love letter style entry to someone and make it as mushy and gushy and sweet as possible. and no, you don’t have to show them if you don’t want to--but they would probably appreciate it, for the record.

  • Recall a time when you were broken-hearted over a friendship and how you healed from that.

  • Recall a time when you yearned for someone or something.

  • Recall a person who still makes you feel bitter, and consider how you might overcome those feelings.

  • Write a letter of forgiveness to someone who has hurt you. you don’t have to show them or send it to them, but do it at least for you.

  • Recall your first loves and how they impacted you

  • Recall a time where you walked away from a relationship (romantic or platonic) as an act of love for yourself -- or discuss a relationship you’re currently in that you may need to step away from.

  • Write a love letter to yourself as if you were your own best friend.

  • Write a love letter to your inner child as if you were their parent promising them that you will do better.


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Unhappily Forever Ever After is the steamy short love story between two divorced vampires you didn’t know you needed.

Together for twenty years, divorced for thirty, Elric Sullivan and his former wife meet once a year on Halloween—their anniversary—for a rendezvous of sorts, always promising themselves this is the last time.

But they both know it can’t possibly be. In the small town they once mutually decided to make home, they are the only two like them. And they are the only ones who know what the other is. That, along with decades of lust, love, and life spent together is a bond not so easily broken.

Their rings may be off, but their souls are forever intertwined; a connection no amount of time can erase…


You can read Unhappily Forever Ever After and many other short stories perfect for the spooky and autumnal season in Gone By Morning: an indie author showcase anthology perfect for anyone who loves the dark, and finds the monsters lurking within fascinating.

All proceeds will go to We Need Diverse Books, an organization dedicated to changing the publishing industry to support diverse writers and publishing professionals, and providing books to classrooms worldwide.

Today is the day Noelle Juniper has been waiting for: Christmas Eve, AKA the eve of her sixteenth birthday. 

It is also the day she will get to spend her favorite holiday with both parents again. With a heart full of Christmas spirit and two bithday wishes on lock, nothing can possibly go wrong. 



...everything does


You can read Happy, Merry Birthday and many other short stories perfect for the festive holiday season in The Fabric of Festivity: an indie author showcase perfect for anyone who loves Christmas, glitter, and heartwarming tales.

All proceeds go to Dresses for Uganda.

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