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in e-book & paperback 

Sometimes there is no right, good choice.
There is only forward or backward.



in e-book & paperback

You can't force or fight fate, but you can make it your friend.



Queen Amelia has barely survived her first year of marriage

to the wicked King Alaric. 


When she accepted his marriage proposal arranged by their fathers, she believed it her sole opportunity to fulfill her birthright as ruler of Dathoviel and protect her brother from the throne he feared. 


But she can no longer sit back and watch helplessly as her husband destroys her land and starves her people. She must find the strength to fight back. 


However, King Alaric will not be relinquishing his crown without a fight. He has sought this power his entire life, done things -terrible things- to ensure it rests upon his head. And he has no problem committing a few more sins to keep it there.


Amelia knows she must save her people and defeat her monstrous husband, but how do you fight wicked without becoming a wicked monster yourself?


Supported by her true love, Lady Caroline and their loyal companions, Amelia fights to save her kingdom, avenge a murder… and prove she was born to reign without a king.  

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Amidst dance and combat training, history lessons, and lectures on diplomacy, Brianna Carpenter finds herself torn between the familiar comforts of her village, and the castle life she grew up believing could be hers–just days before her twenty-fifth birthday and official crowning as princess.
Unfortunately, her heart also pulls in two directions. One being her first love, Drew, the handsome and sweet town doctor, and her current lover, Theo, the enticing and love-stricken knight.

Meanwhile, nineteen-year-old Henric arrives in Dathoviel, tasked with infiltrating Queen Amelia’s inner circle while his mother, Leah travels to Petrovia to recover the dagger King Spencer used to take Alaric’s life.
But despite years of hearing about the land being his birthright, Henric remains uncertain–both of his mother’s plan and his own desires. Is it possible to recapture the throne where his father once sat, and avoid the bloodshed that has plagued the kingdom since his ancestor’s time? Or will he be forced to walk away to break the pattern of destruction?


Dathoviel is about to be rocked by generations of secrets and lies they never saw coming in this unexpected and heartwarming sequel set almost twenty years after Let it Reign.

The time has come to uncover who was truly Born to Reign.

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