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After three+ years of research and experimenting, I was proud to release my quarterly planner; a physical book based on the system that helped me publish three books and a short story while homeschooling my daughter in only one year.

        At first, I started collecting everything I could on quarterly planning in attempts to be even more productive than I was already. And that kind of snowballed into creating my own layouts by hand every month. (Bold of me, considering how little time I had.) So I said screw it, created a printable I could use instead, and launched on my Youtube channel, but...that wasn't quite right either. 


Another year of researching, trial and error to see what worked, and layout making and book design, and studying low-content publishing later, and the Abundant Artist planner series launched Fall 2022. 



2023 saw me using the first edition of this planner myself, and as I went through the year I made notes to myself in the margins to improve it moving forward. That winter I released the second edition and it was EVERYTHING I wanted the last to be (and more). I sincerely hope that those of you who used it, found value in it's pages and all the years I spent creating it. 

       I am still hoping to release an entire line of Abundant Artist planners, by the way. 

      So many planners are rigid, and while that can work for some brains, those of us who consider ourselves creatives need something else sometimes. I can't wait to continue making fill in style journals for you, always with a focus and callback to wellness. There is so much more to come! And of course, there will be a slightly updated edition come the end of 2024 that will included the addition of the Mid-Year Reset sheets too!



One of my goals for YEARS has been to create a merch line.

        Another of my goals? To build an incredible online community and bring artists of all kinds together. After all, I am not 'just' an author. I have over a decade of experience in photography and modelling. I'm also a painter (if you give me a paint by numbers canvas lol) and I'm always doing crafts with my daughter. Take this, add in a bit of 'productive procrastination' and an extended session of writers block, and the Abundant Artists Collective was born, or perhaps 'reborn'. 



Build the community, expand the community, do incredible things together, learn from one another, and don't let anything stop us.


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